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2023 The Year of Hope

Posted in Dental Care, General Dentistry, and Studentcare Network

2023 The Year of Great Dental Health

Hope can be defined as “the expectation that good things will happen.” Is that how you feel about 2023? True hope is not based on fantasy or wishful thinking, rather, an optimistic person has real reasons to expect good things. After the last two years, what reasons do you have to call 2023 the year of hope?

Are We Emerging From the Pandemic?

Governments around the world have lowered or in many cases abolished COVID-19 restrictions. This gives us reason to hope that we are emerging from the pandemic. Despite recent spikes in cases of the virus in Ontario, and our hospitals experiencing more sickness in general, most COVID-19 infections are much less life threatening than in the past, with many experiencing only mild symptoms.

Luck is Created

With the ball dropping in Time Square USA, and the new year beginning, many of us are hoping for a fresh start. What can help us to build on our enthusiasm and become increasingly optimistic about 2023? Some believe you make your own luck. Sports teams often find that when their hard efforts find them winning games, positive things follow suit. We can apply this idea to many areas of life. Consider how this is true when it comes to our dental health.

Set Realistic Goals

Good oral health doesn’t happen because of luck, rather consistent hard work and the setting of realistic goals can result in good things happening to you. Many new years resolutions fail because they are too extensive and become overwhelming. If you have poor dental health, or have a history of failure, begin with some simple goals. Then, concentrate on making them a practice or lifestyle one at a time. Make 2023 the year of hope and focus forward on progress not on past failures.

Small and positive steps can include:

  • Brushing once each day
  • Brushing twice each day
  • Add flossing to your routine
  • Get back to regular dentist visits
  • Have any cavities repaired
  • Work on whitening your teeth

Experts say that a habit or lifestyle change takes approximately two weeks to become a routine. Therefore, pick one thing at a time and gradually make your own oral health a reality. You have every reason to hope for excellent teeth and gums.

Get Help from A Team of Professionals

When you become a client of Erbsville Dental in Waterloo, you get a whole team of professionals that work with you to achieve your goals. This team is not only concerned about your oral health but also your overall health. The very nature of a dental clinic and the work that is done there, posses an obvious greater risk of viral transmission. Therefore, even though governments have changed mandates Erbsville Dental maintains high standards of safety precautions to protect you while you visit. Read more at “A Safe Place”.

This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Accordingly, always seek the advice of your Dentist or other healthcare providers regarding a dental condition or treatment.