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The 8 Worst Foods for Oral Health

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

How to protect against cavities?

We all know what foods to avoid if we want to protect against cavities, right? You might be surprised! Understanding the cause of cavities might give you a better perspective of what foods are harmful. Erbsville Dental will suggest what might be better alternatives in upcoming blogs about the 8 worst foods.

How Cavities Are Formed

As our mouth (with the help of saliva) begins to break down the foods we eat plaque forms and sticks to our teeth.  Plaque is a bacteria rich sticky film. Sugars and starches in our food cause these bacteria to release acids that can wear down tooth enamel and eventually cause a cavity. So, every time we provide our mouths with foods high in sugar or starch, we start a cycle of potential tooth decay.  Rinsing our mouth, brushing and flossing after eating shortens that cycle.

8 Foods Known to Cause Cavities and Healthy Alternatives

Over the next 4 week we will discus 8 different foods that cause cavities. We will explain why they are particularly bad and what might be a better alternative. In the order of “not as bad” to “the worst”, we’ll look at: dried fruits, potato chips, citrus, ice, carbonated drinks, alcohol, bread and sour candies.

So check out our blog over the next four weeks for an explanation for why these foods are on our top 8 worst foods!