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9 Things You Should Know About Dentures

Posted in General Dentistry

When you lose your natural teeth and want to be able to regain a confident and attractive smile, dentures are the perfect solution. But there are some things you need to know before getting dentures. Here are the eight most important things to know about dentures.

1.You Still Have to Clean Dentures

Dentures take the place of your real teeth and still need to be cleaned just as often as you cleaned your natural teeth. If you will strictly clean your dentures two times a day you are going to be far less likely to develop oral conditions like infections or inflammation of the gums.

2. Avoid Things that can Damage Dentures

Make sure to buy denture cleaner that is not going to damage them. If your dentures have a soft lining, some cleaners can cause damage. Make sure the cleaner says it is safe for soft linings. If you have dentures with metal be sure to purchase cleaners that state it is safe to use on metal. Don’t use any bleaching products on dentures.

3. Protect Your Dentures from Staining

You may need to make a few lifestyle changes to ensure your dentures don’t stain. Drinking too many caffeinated products like coffee or tea can cause staining. If you notice they are becoming discolored, then contact the dentist to discuss the proper way to get them cleaned.

4. Identify Problems with Dentures Early On

Always consult the Waterloo Dental office if you develop issues like pain or constant bad breath. If you find your dentures do not stay in place right, or if they move around in your mouth you need to contact the dentist. You don’t want food to become trapped between your teeth and gums. That can lead to an eventual infection.

5. Don’t Repair them Yourself

It’s not good to try to repair dentures yourself. When the clasps or metal attachments are bent often, they will begin to weaken. Even over-the-counter kits advertised to help can cause damage that cannot be reversed. Always take them to a dental professional to have repairs completed.

6. Consider the Cost

The cost associated with getting dentures should be considered. Dental treatments in Waterloo will cost more than the dentures and the initial visit. You’ll still need to get x-rays, make a few visits to the office, pay for impressions and pay for sedation methods. In most cases, all of this is figured into a lump sum.

7. Not Everyone can Wear Dentures

When a Waterloo dental professional exams a person for dentures, they must consider several factors. The person’s age, anatomy of their job, and their overall oral health will be used to determine if dentures are best for them; and whether or not they will benefit from dentures and additional treatments.

8. Determine a Nighttime Care Routine

You will need to remove your dentures before you go to sleep. Wearing them at night can cause irritation of the gums as well as promote yeast infections. Dentures should spend the night soaking in cleaner solution to keep them from becoming warped or cracked.

9. Talk to Your Dentist about Proper Hygiene

Your dentist plays an important role in helping keep your dentures in good shape. They should inspect your dentures regularly. Just like checkups for your regular teeth, these visits can help prevent or discover tartar buildup which will need to be removed professionally.