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Erbsville Dental, a Fresh Start

Posted in cosmetic dentistry, COVID-19, Dental Care, and General Dentistry

A Fresh Start, A New Beginning

Spring is around the corner, the sun is getting stronger, and the snow is melting. Most of us in Waterloo Region are happy to see it go along with the necessary restrictions that finally slowed the progress of the pandemic. Will this spring be a new beginning? Some of the things that improve the quality of life have been out of reach or impractical for some. For example, even though most regular dental services were available during the pandemic, not everyone could take that chance, even in relative safety. Many though, are beginning to come out of hibernation, and Erbsville Dental welcome’s you back, while continuing to provide the best virus protection and anti bacterial conditions possible. How can Erbsville Dental help you have a fresh start in spring 2022?

Spring Cleaning

After being hunkered down this winter and fighting off the last vestiges of COVID-19 we can finally come out of hiding. Spring is a great time to do a dental spring cleaning. Set yourself up for a long awaited, more social summer, with a healthy smile that starts with a cleaning and checkup. If you haven’t been doing so, you can also use this opportunity, and be resolved to have a good routine of brushing and flossing. While you’re getting your checkup, get any cavities repaired as well. That way if you decide to whiten your teeth, nothing will get in the way or slow your progress. Read why this might be important.

A New Look

Erbsville Dental offers a wide range of cosmetic dental services that will transform your smile. As a new client of Erbsville Dental, you get a free whitening treatment and tips from Dr. Mathews on how to best use it. This includes a custom fit (reusable) bleaching tray and a course of whitening gel to use at home. Dr. Mathews will also supervise your Invisalign transformation if your teeth need straightening or alignment. Read More about Invisalign. Dental veneers are another option offered at Erbsville Dental to completely renovate your teeth’s appearance. Finally, if you have any spaces or missing teeth, ask about implants and what they can do? Read More about Implants.

A Brighter Future

Oral health also doesn’t progress without effort and commitment. The Erbsville Dental team is here to be your partner in the ongoing quest to have beautiful teeth that last a lifetime. It takes time to fix your dental health if it was neglected in the past, but it can improve quickly with a few small lifestyle tweaks. Let us help you make good choices for dental prosperity without judgement.

A Different Atmosphere

Having a team that cares for you and your health can be refreshing, like a warm spring day. For our existing clients, we welcome your thoughts, how can we make your visits to the dentist better for you and your family? Click here to tell us. And for those looking for a new dental clinic, let Erbsville Dental be a new beginning for you. A better experience from booking your first appointment to booking your next.