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Advantages of Digital Radiography

Posted in General Dentistry

Digital Radiography (X-ray)

Erbsville Dental uses advanced diagnostic equipment and provides the best treatment options that always benefit their patients. In our quest to provide the best care it makes sense to share the advantages of digital radiography or digital X-rays for short. Above all the reasons for investing in digital X-ray machines instead of traditional film dependant X-ray is safety. With traditional radiology neither the patient, nor Erbsville Dental staff were completely safe. Although some exposure to radiation is still possible, digital machines produce much less and are incrementally safer. As film is no longer needed, the impact to our environment is less as well.

Advantages of Digital Radiography

Digital X-rays produce 80% less radiation than traditional

If the increase in safety and green benefits were not enough to make the change, there are many more practical benefits to using digital X-ray VS traditional X-ray.

Image Quality

One such benefit is the substantial improvement in image quality. This is significant, clear details in dental imaging is very important as it leads to accurate diagnosis and the proper treatment results. Sometimes even the smallest irregularities can make the difference in understanding what’s going on inside your body, especially in dental applications. Dental X-rays include some of the closest close-ups that can be needed in digital imaging. In addition to superior image quality, software also enhances images further, allowing your dentist to see it all, and give you precise information.

On the Spot Analysis

Rather than waiting, digital X-rays are instantly processed and available to view and manipulate. This gives your dentist the ability to read, diagnose, and explain treatment in a moment. Dentist can see more patients in a day, and patients can enjoy more of their day. Traditional imagery needed time to develop in a dark room, an extra step that was both technical, delicate, and very time consuming for everyone involved.

Cost and Equipment

Digital X-ray equipment is basically a one-time cost. Whereas with traditional X-ray a lot of extra stuff was continually needed. In addition to the expensive film already mentioned, film processors and chemical developers were needed to be stocked and ready to produce images. Copies were also expensive and needed more materials to make them. On top of that you needed a whole room dedicated to image development, and an area in each treatment room to properly display the image. Radiology suites and dark rooms are a thing of the past being replaced by compact computers and bright clear monitors that rarely need to be replaced or maintained. The cost of labour goes down in a clinic as well and time can be spent more on patient services and making the experience better for each patient.

Comparatively Easier to Use

Much less training is involved in using digital X-ray machines and computers compared to its predecessor. The learning curve is less curved and more straight forward especially for those with basic computer skills. New clinic workers can start using the new machines faster and begin producing clear usable images almost right away. Less patient and user protection is needed. No more giant led aprons and protection shields to wear or ask others to wear.

Sharing and Storage

Gone are the days of dragging around giant yellow envelopes containing giant x-ray films. Digital X-ray makes sharing files as easy as sending an email. At times where consulting with other doctors or experts is needed dentists don’t have to wait for the mail. This of course requires a high level of security when sending and receiving, but the whole process has been simplified substantially. Closely related to this is storage. Instead of whole rooms filled with film, which is highly flammable by the way, thousands of images can be stored in an encrypted hard drive 2cm x 2cm wide and 3 mm thick. Files can easily be duplicated, backed up, and stored safely, in a more organized fashion. Storing files digitally means there is less chance of loosing or misplacing them.

Erbsville Dental believes in a conservative approach to dental health with the use of all the benefits modern technology has to offer, including digital radiography. The advantage of digital X-ray is clear. Visit Erbsville Dental for the best dental care in Waterloo.