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Learning The After Effects Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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The after effects of wisdom tooth extraction bring pain to the patient. Dentists tell their patients how to take care of themselves after an extraction. These help patients to cope with the swelling and the other effects of the procedure.

What is wisdom tooth extraction?

A dentist from Waterloo dental clinic explains that during a wisdom tooth extraction, they remove the impacted wisdom tooth. The growth of the wisdom tooth disrupts the other teeth as it overcrowds the mouth.

Why remove wisdom tooth?

Patients opt to extract their wisdom teeth to prevent further oral problems. Other reasons to extract wisdom tooth include:

  • Sinus problems linked to eruption of wisdom tooth
  • Overcrowding in the mouth
  • Prevention of oral diseases
  • Oral or reconstructive surgery


However, some patients lost track about the after effects of wisdom tooth extraction.

After effects of wisdom tooth extraction

Patients endure a different level of pain when their wisdom teeth got extracted. The best way to cope up from a painful procedure is to focus on recovering from it. Waterloo dental clinic shares some tips on how to take care.

  • The first 24 hours give intense pain which requires patients to change their gauze frequently. It’s essential for patients to refrain from spitting as it dislodges the blood clot.
  • Patients buy pain relievers from drugstores. Dentists make sure to prescribe the medicine such as Tylenol, acetaminophen, or others.
  • One of the many after effects of wisdom tooth extraction is swelling and bruising. Dentists share that patients may apply cold compress to the affected area. Swelling takes three (3) days to completely heal. Bruising takes at least a week before it completely heal.
  • Strenuous and other physical affect the healing period. Refrain from engaging in extraneous activities that may cause patients to lose the blood clot in the socket.
  • Waterloo dental clinic stresses that patients need to go on soft diet. This reduces the amount stress to the nearby tooth of the affected area.


Remember to take care of yourself after an extraction. Recovery helps you to be at your best self always!