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Appointment Cancelations

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

Avoid Appointment Cancelations

To serve you well, the administration staff at Erbsville Dental works hard to schedule appointments that are convenient. It can be a challenging thing to accommodate everyone, giving them adequate time with both their hygienist and Dr. Mathews. At Erbsville Dental clients are never rushed or made to feel invisible. Communication is essential to achieving a close open relationship with your Erbsville Dental team, which promotes good dental health.

The Effect of COVID-19

Appointment cancelations can impact the clinics organized flow and create delays for those who cancel and others trying to make appointments. Those who frequently cancel appointments may not be given priority the next time they book, depending on the situation. During the pandemic everyone was encouraged to cancel their dental appointments even at short notice if they developed even mild symptoms. Most medical professionals including dentists had to relax cancelation policies to create a safe environment. Even as this post is written, there are still some cases of COVID-19 reported in the area.

Balance Needed with Appointment Cancelations

Balance is needed. While Erbsville Dental respects our patients’ time and makes every effort to be on time with their scheduled appointment, our patients also can respect our time as well, by avoiding cancelling at the last minute or arriving late for their appointments. This type of mutual respect benefits everyone involved and makes the time you spend at Erbsville Dental opportune, conducive, and convenient.

We’re All People

The one thing you can count on at Erbsville Dental is that, they are all people like you. All of us have stress, challenges, and even emergencies to deal with from time to time. If it happens and you must cancel an appointment, first, give the Erbsville Dental office staff as much time as you can. If you know the night before, but the clinic is closed, call and leave a message (519-342-1166) or send an email ( With enough time, someone else may be able to take your place. Second, explain the situation. Knowing that you care about your appointment gives the admin staff confidence that your next appointment will be honored.  

Let’s Work Together!

Remember that all Waterloo dental clinics are businesses. Although Erbsville Dental may not feel like a business, it too needs to make many obligations to its staff and others to continue providing excellent dental services. At times a charge for missing an appointment is fair. Therefore, let’s work together to avoid unnecessary appointment cancellations, and make things as convenient as possible for all Erbsville Dental clients.