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Are Mouth Guards and Appliances Really Costly in Waterloo?

Posted in Dental Care

One of the most popular dental treatments in Waterloo are mouth guards and appliances. Dental professionals recommend wearing mouth guards when participating in any contact sport or rigorous activities. Dental night appliances are also recommended in many cases. The point of dentists recommending mouth guards and appliances in Waterloo, is to provide protection for the teeth.

Expense of Dental Appliances and Mouth Guards

There are many people who wonder if these devices are necessary, and if they are worth the cost. The costs associated with them can vary based on the type of device purchased. Ultimately, they are worth the cost because of the protection they provide for the teeth. A sports mouth guard can protect teeth from being cracked or broken which can be costlier to repair. A dental appliance can help a person get better sleep which can prevent serious health conditions that can also be expensive to treat.

Mouth Guards and Appliances in Waterloo

Appliances include splints that help keep a person from grinding their teeth while the sleep. Mouth guards are worn during sports to protect the teeth from an impact. Both appliances and mouth guards can be custom made so they fit perfectly.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are numerous types of mouth guards and they fall into two categories: boil and bite,  and custom mouth guards. Because of how they are made, they can offer different levels of protection and their costs can vary.

  • Boil and bite mouth guards are relatively inexpensive, but they do not offer nearly as much protection as other types. In some instances, they can cause jaw problems or TMJ problems to worsen. While they are better than nothing, they do not offer much protection.
  • Customized mouth guards offer the greatest protection, but they are also the most expensive. The dentist takes an impression of the teeth and then has the mouth guard constructed. Customized mouth guards may take a little longer to get and they are more expensive. However, since they are customized to fit the mouth they are more comfortable and orthodontically correct.