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Author: Stephen Mathews

What do you do after Getting a Dental Implant Treatment in Waterloo?

Posted in Dental Implant

You may already have your appointment for getting dental implant treatments in Waterloo, but you’re unsure what it will be like after you get the treatments. Your dental professional will give you some specifics about what to do and not do immediately following getting dental implant treatments in Waterloo, but there are several guidelines for your oral care following the procedure.

Is Dental Bridging Painful?

Posted in Dental Bridge

So you’re getting a dental bridge in Waterloo and you have tons of questions. This is quite normal, actually as most people have a lot of questions about dental procedures like bridges.  A dental bridge is as the name implies, a bridge that bridges the gap created by missing teeth. A bridge can be made of two or more crowns on adjacent teeth and then false teeth that fit in between to fill in the gap. Perhaps the most looming question for anyone getting a dental bridge in Waterloo is if the procedure is going to be painful. The short answer is, no. At least not if you have a good dentist!

Best Pediatric Dental in Waterloo

Posted in Pediatric Dental

It can seem a little confusing when you first start looking for a Waterloo pediatric dental clinic. You may have several questions about the difference in a general dentist and a pediatric dentist. It should be reaffirming to know that pediatric dentists undergo more training than someone who practices general dentistry, and they are specifically trained to perform dental procedures on children and provide them with preventative treatment options for their specific oral needs. A Waterloo pediatric dental professional focuses on preventing children’s oral health problems. Here are a few of the specialties pediatric dentists may offer.