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Back to School

Posted in Dental Care, and Pediatric Dental

September traditionally means back to school for Ontario kids. Parents have a lot to deal with this year with the pandemic sill a real threat. It would be easy to overlook something as trivial as our children’s dental routine while at school. And it may not be a good idea to suggest they brush their teeth in a school washroom with the added threat of COVID-19. So, what are some practical things you can do to promote their dental health while at school and keep them safe from viruses at the same time?

Dental Health While At School

There may not be a safe place to brush their teeth after lunch, but they should be able to rinse their mouths safely. If your kids have their own bottled water some of it can be used to rinse after eating. Rinsing helps remove food particles that promote bacterial growth and plaque buildup. If your child is old enough disposable floss picks are also a quick and easy way to clean their teeth after eating.

Choosing carefully what they eat for lunch will also promote your child’s dental health. Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and celery sticks are good choices for oral health. Avoid foods that stick to teeth like white bread, pop, potato chips, dried fruit, or sticky sugary candy.

Regular Checkups Especially Important

Regular checkups are especially important to keep your child’s dental health on track. Your dentist can spot early signs of cavities and remove harmful tarter before it becomes a catalyst for decay. So, try not to miss scheduled appointments. Erbsville Dental in Waterloo is a pediatric dental clinic and they will make your child’s experience a good one. You may not have to drag them back for their next appointment. We work with parents to educate and unitedly promote good dental habits.

Stay Safe This School Year!

This pandemic has affected all of us in ways we did not expect. Don’t let your child’s dental health be another COVID casualty. At Erbsville Dental we love kids! We hope all of them have a great school year and stay safe and healthy throughout. Call us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment.