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How to Ease your Child’s Dental Fear

Posted in Pediatric Dental

Children can easily become afraid of the dentist from hearing other people including the parents talk about a bad dental experience they have had. Now with children starting school earlier than ever before with head start their friends can also tell them about their bad experience.

The best dentist for kids in Waterloo is often a pediatric dentist who is able to ease children’s fears.

Prevent fear of the dentist

The easiest way to prevent fear of the dentist is to start children very early seeing the dentist. Starting early when they may only have 2 or 4 teeth allows them to get used to seeing a dentist and allowing the dentist to look at their teeth. Begin talking to your child about dentist as soon as they get begin brushing their teeth. Explain to them that dentist helps them keep their teeth healthy and strong.

Talking to your child about the dentist

When you talk to your child about the dentist simply remind them the appointment is coming up a couple days ahead of time. Never say words like pain, needle, or drill. Do not talk about sounds they may hear in the dentist office.

Answer the child’s questions without over explaining the answer. An example would be the answer to how does the dentist look at my teeth; the answer should be with his eyes. You do not need to start talking about the dentist tools. Pediatric dentists are trained to deal with children and their fears.

When you take your child to the dentist if they are scared do not leave them, stay in the room with them even hold their hand if you can. Remember that the dentist is there to help with your child’s teeth.

Erbsville Dental can help your child even if the child has fear or anxiety of dentist.