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Kids Dental Smiles in waterloo

Posted in Pediatric Dental

You can find the best dentist for kids in Waterloo.

Taking your kids to regular dental checkups is important as it helps reinforce the importance of good oral hygiene and a beautiful smile.

Starting early when the first tooth comes in, using the appropriate toothbrush, gently brush the tooth every day twice a day.

Teaching your kids the proper way to brush

Teach your kids to brush gently in a circular motion. Scrubbing too hard can remove or damage the enamel of the teeth.

Explain that when they brush their teeth they should also brush their tongue as bacteria likes to hide that, the problem is bacteria can lead to unhealthy teeth. There’s no need to say gum disease as you do not want to frighten them.

Find a toothbrush that is appropriate for them that has soft bristles. Perhaps, using a toothbrush that has their favorite action figure on will help them want to brush their teeth.

Use a good toothpaste that has a flavor they like. Your dentist can recommend a good toothpaste that has fluoride in if the dentist feels the kids need it.

Create a chart in which the kids can check off or place a star on for the day that they brushed and flossed.

Floss teeth before brushing, in order to help remove the plaque and tartar near the gum line and on the tooth.

Brush with them and see who can get the toothpaste foam closest to the drain when spitting out the toothpaste.

One very important thing for the parent is to praise the effort and be encouraging goes along with kids.

Reinforce every day the importance of good oral hygiene will help them have a healthy and beautiful smile that sparkles.

Waterloo dental clinic is a great place for your kids to have regular checkups and learn proper oral hygiene techniques.