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Need a Dentist? Get the Best in Waterloo

Posted in Dental Care, Pediatric Dental, and Studentcare Network

Once you find a dentist and hygienist that you are comfortable with, you don’t want to let them go. But maybe you have recently moved to Waterloo and need to make that change?  Don’t stress it, you have many tools to find a great replacement, maybe even the best dentist in Waterloo. Keep in mind though that even in the dental industry, there are scam artists and different levels of service and care. We hope this blog helps you find what you’re looking for, an experienced and reputable dentist near you.

The First Things to Consider

You know your situation best. What do your benefits allow? Some benefit programs like the Student Care Network, might limit you to specific providers. Your immediate needs also can make the decision for you. For example, you may have a dental issue that requires a specialist, or perhaps, an emergency that needs immediate care?

Ask for Help

Ask Google to answer some of these questions. i.e Google Search:is Erbsville Dental a Provider for the Student Care Network.”  Google can be a great tool to get answers. Check Google reviews, they are a great resource.  Also, ask friends, co-workers, family if they know a good dentist.


Does the new clinic make it convenient for you?  How flexible are they when you want an appointment? Is their Office or Clinic located in an accessible area?  Is there a place to park my car?  Do they offer Weekend or evening appointments?  Do they have digital ways to communicate? 

Meet a Few Dentists

Once you have narrowed it down to a few, schedule a brief consultation. Talk to your prospective dentists before making an appointment. Ask questions like, do they have any areas of specialty, i.e. cosmetic dentistry, surgery, etc.?  What am I covered for with the insurance I have?  How far ahead do I need to book checkups?  And, anything else that comes to mind. Before going, write your questions down and ask the same questions to each dentist.  You will probably discern who will care for you the best.

After the 1st Appointment

During your first visit, check the clinic for cleanliness and order. Ask yourself, how courteous was the staff?  Did they care to check your dental history?  Was your dentist the same person you met at the consultation?

Choose Wisely

We hope this has helped you to choose a good dentist when coming to Waterloo. And yes, this article was written for Erbsville Dental, Waterloo and may be biased towards the lovable Dr. Stephen Mathews. We believe Erbsville Dental Checks all the boxes and may just be the best dental practice in the city. Erbsville Dental is “Caring, Friendly, Experienced.”  Call today for a free consultation or make an appointment.