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Are Crowns and Bridges Different Treatments?

Posted in Dental Bridge, and Dental Care

Crowns and bridges are indeed different treatments, but in some instances, they can be combined. In short, a crown is used to cover a broken or chipped tooth to make it stronger. Bridges are used to fill in gaps where there are missing teeth. Sometimes crowns are used on either side of a gap and fixed to a bridge to help hold it in place.

How do Custom Sports Mouthguards Protect Athletes?

Posted in Dental Care

Athletes who play contact sports or engage in rigorous activities are in danger of facial injuries or mouth injuries. Mouthguards are designed to protect the mouth and teeth from serious injuries when an impact occurs. It is estimated that injuries to the facial area are responsible for about 5 million teeth being knocked out each year. Mouthguards are a necessary piece of sports equipment to prevent or minimize these types of injuries.

How Much Wisdom Tooth Extraction Costs in Waterloo

Posted in Dental Care

You will need a thorough dental exam before getting your wisdom teeth extracted. Depending on this exam, the dental professional will be able to give you an estimated cost of having them pulled. In most cases, it is a simple surgical procedure with very little risk of complication. But more complicated cases may require dental surgeons which can drive the costs of a wisdom tooth extraction up.

What all Dental Treatments are Available in Erbsville?

Posted in Dental Care

You’ll find a variety of dental treatments available in Erbsville. The dental clinic provides well-rounded services to the community to ensure patients are provided with the oral care they need. The broad range of dental treatments available offers patients almost everything from routine care to oral surgery.

What are common dental bridge questions?

Posted in Dental Care

You may have heard your dentist talk about dental bridges. Dental professionals are very good at answering questions that may arise about different treatments like bridges. But sometimes, you may not have questions until later when you’ve had time think about it a little bit. Here are some of the most common questions patients ask about dental bridges.