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Breathe Easy at Erbsvill Dental

Posted in COVID-19, Dental Care, General Dentistry, and Pediatric Dental

Clean, Fresh Air

Breathe easy at Erbsville Dental. Before COVID-19 was here Erbsville Dental was already making the air in the clinic more breathable. Erbsville Dental provides high quality air in two ways. A fresh air exchanger continually brings in fresh air through the HVAC system. 100% of the air in the clinic is introduced from outside and is never recycled or reused by the system. In addition to the air being fresh it also is filtered to an ultra-fine degree. The clinics six IQ HyperHEPA air filters remove 99.5% of harmful ultra-fine pollution particles down to 0.003 microns. That’s 10 times smaller than a virus.  Every three minutes all the air in the clinic is replaced and filtered.

Why Is This Significant?

Airborne particles smaller than 0.1 microns, represent approximately 90% of all airborne particles. Many of these have been linked to heart attacks, stroke, asthma, and cancer. The IQ system (that is installed at Erbsville Dental) has received more recognition than any other air purifier for its ability to reduce allergens.

If you struggle with Asthma or suffer from allergies, you can breathe easy at Erbsville Dental in Waterloo. There, the focus is not just on your dental health but on keeping your overall health in takt. Having super clean air is just one of the many things Dr. Mathews has implemented to keep his patients safe.

For more information on IQ Air Filtration click here.