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Brush Baby Teeth?

Posted in Dental Care, and Pediatric Dental

Why You Should Be Diligent?

Many new parents wonder, “why should I be diligent with brushing baby teeth if they will be replaced with permanent adult teeth?” It’s a good question, especially considering the time and energy to do so. The simple answer is yes, brush those baby teeth! However, there are a few good reasons why.

  1. People, including little people are creatures of habit. Establishing good dental habits early on, from infancy, helps ensure a lifetime of good dental health. 
  2. Unhealthy, or decaying baby teeth can get in the way of proper nutrition slowing the transition to solid food.
  3. Speech impediments can develop when teeth fall out prematurely or if decay causes abnormal tooth or mouth shape.
  4. Prematurely lost, baby teeth no longer hold space in the gums for larger adult teeth to come in straight behind them causing crooked adult teeth.
  5. Sometimes baby teeth become adult teeth as there have been cases where some adult teeth do not form at all.

When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

Start as soon as your baby’s first tooth is visible. Use a finger baby brush to gently brush first teeth and the front of the tongue. Do not try to reach the whole tongue as you can gag your baby making for a bad experience, both for you and them. Use the finger brush briefly after meals and at bedtime. Do not press hard or brush vigorously as baby’s gums are extra vulnerable and soft. The finger brush can also be used to gently clean baby’s gums as its chewy texture usually appeals to them.

Some dentists (pediatric dentists) may recommend that you use a toothbrush moistened with water and a rice-grain size smear of fluoride toothpaste. Baby’s will likely swallow some so keep the amount of toothpaste minuscule. Brushes should be super soft and have three rows of bristles or less. If you cannot find a finger brush or baby brush, ask your dentist (Dr. Stephen Mathews) or a pharmacist.

Replace your baby’s brush every two to four months as you do not want bacteria to build up and cause infection. Clean it after use with hot water and store in a clean dry place.

Erbsville Dental in Waterloo is the perfect place to get your baby’s dental health off to a great start. They are pediatric specialists and love to treat kids. Dr. Mathews works with you and your whole family, empowering you to make great dental decisions. Call today 519-342-1166 with any questions or concerns.