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Beware the Candy Cane!

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Why are candy canes only around at Christmas time? It motivates us to eat them when normally we might turn them down. Question… Do you think you would eat more, or less candy canes if they were readily available all year long? Marketing researchers know the answer, we eat more of them when promoted and available just for a specific holiday. So, it may be inevitable that you have a few this year but there are a few good reasons to “Beware the Candy Cane!”  

Everyone who has ever eaten one knows that it is almost impossible not to chew or crunch into at least part of your candy cane.  There is where one potential dental disaster might happen. You can easily chip or crack a tooth or two. This is especially true of the giant ones that barely fit in your mouth and make it awkward to bite off a piece. So, resist that urge even if no one is looking.

A second but maybe an even bigger problem with the candy cane is that they are made from 100% sugar. Don’t let the minty-ness fool you, it’s all processed sugar that either dissolves around your teeth or gets chomped into tooth crevasses. As you may have read from some of my other blogs, sugar fuels bacterial growth and in turn produce cavities and gum disease.

So now that that you know the danger and if I haven’t laid the guilt on too heavy that you avoid them all together, at least brush, floss and rinse after eating and or enjoy with moderation.

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