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5 Ways To Give Your Dental Dentures Maximum Care

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When you have missing teeth, you can have them restored using dental dentures. These are removable artificial devices that imitate the natural look of your teeth and gums. Dentures replace all or some of your missing natural teeth. As a result, you will not end up flashing a broken smile.

You can choose from the two main types of dentures depending on the number of teeth that need replacement. If you have one or some missing teeth, you can request for partial plate dentures. This type of denture is a gum-colored acrylic-base with metal framework that secures the artificial teeth in place. Meanwhile, there’s also full or complete dentures to replace all your missing teeth.

How to properly maintain your dental dentures

In as much as you care for your natural teeth, your artificial ones also need maximum care to ensure they last. Here are five ways that you can do to properly maintain your dental dentures.

Rinse properly after eating.

The advantage of having removable dentures is that you can easily clean them after you eat. Have running water on the sink as you clean the food debris that get stuck in between your dentures. This will ensure that bacteria causing decay and bad breath will not thrive in your artificial teeth.

Be extra careful in handling your dental dentures.

Your full or partial dental dentures are prone to breakage, hence, be very careful in handling them. As a precaution, you can stand over a dry towel so in case you drop your dentures, they will not be damaged. You may also have a basin of water in the sink for an added safety when you’re cleaning your dentures.

Give your dentures a good scrub daily.

Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub off food particles from your dentures. Your dentist will recommend you to use a denture cleaner to remove plaque and bacteria from your artificial teeth.

Soak your dentures overnight.

partial plate dentures

It’s important that you remove your dental dentures before you sleep so you can give your gums a good rest too. Keep your dentures from drying out as you soak them overnight using a mild solution for dentures. Follow your dentist’s instructions and the manufacturer’s manual in storing your removable prosthetics.

Have a regular dental appointment.

You should see your dentist regularly so he can check on your oral health. He will recommend on how often are your scheduled appointments so he can professionally clean your teeth and dentures too. Also, he will ensure that your dentures are well-fitted. When your complete or partial plate dentures are ill-fitting, they are prone to slip or cause you discomfort. During your appointment, you may also avail of other dental services in Waterloo, Ontario, such as denture repairs and reline.