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What Do You Need To Know About Children Mouthguards?

Posted in General Dentistry

Kids engage in different activities such as sports, martial arts, and playing around. However, there are times that children dental injuries and ruin their teeth. Parents accompany their children to the dentist to get their own children mouthguards.

What are children mouthguards?

These are mouthguards that protect children’s teeth from any dental injuries they get. Most dentists use a material similar to rubber and mold it according to the patient’s teeth and mouth. It cushions every blow or accident that the children face when they engage in physical activities. Parents join their children in going to their Waterloo dentist to get their mouthguards.


There are different types of mouthguards that children choose from. These vary in material and scope of protection.


This type comes as the most affordable choice as it’s readily available in different athletic stores. Children need to clasp this in their mouths which in turn gives discomfort in conversing and breathing. The off-the-shelf children mouthguards give a low level of protection which comes in a few array of sizes and quality.

Mouth formed

A mouth formed mouthguard needs hot water in order to be used. It begins to take shape in the mouth when children use their fingers, tongues, and bite pressure to keep it in place. A Waterloo dentist shares that this gives a better protection than the off-the-shelf mouthguards. Children may feel uncomfortable using this and this fails to cover the entire teeth at times.


Dentists begin creating a custom-made mouthguard according to the child’s mouth. They create an imprint of the teeth for a snug fit. Custom-made children mouthguards offer the best protection for the children’s teeth. This type comes from high-grade material that’s tough enough to protect the teeth from dental injuries. Cost for this is reasonable.

Preventing dental injuries among children is best done when you consult a Waterloo dentist near you. They give the best advice on which one to pick!