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Is Children’s Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

Children’s sedation dentistry comforts children whenever they feel anxious or scared about going to the dentist. Dentists say this is safe. Children find it hard to sit down in the dentist’s chair during the procedure. Parents find this challenging since their oral hygiene is at stake.

What is children’s sedation dentistry?

Dr. Stephen Matthews define this as helping kids calm down for a dental treatment. Some kids have their anxieties which prevent dentists from performing the necessary procedures. Sedation dentistry for children helps them go through the dental procedure with ease.


Children’s sedation dentistry is classified into different types.


Dentists say this is the most common among the types of sedation. This contains nitrous oxide and oxygen and placed over the child’s face through a mask. No post-lingering effects felt while using this. However, Dr. Stephen Matthews shares that the child may feel like vomiting. He advises to lessen food intake before the procedure.


This involves the child taking in hydroxyzine or midazolam that relieves the child of anxiety. To this to work, the child abstains from eating or drinking a few hours before the procedure. Dentists give it one hour before they start. Oral children’s sedation dentistry involves gauging the child’s age and weight. This results to moderate sedation.


The quickest sedation method that gives moderate sedation to the child. Dentists put the child to sleep first using nitrous oxide before inserting the needle to the veins. They also insert a tube to help the child breathe.


Parents wonder why dentists suggest trying sedation dentistry for children. Aside from relieving their anxieties, Dr. Stephen Matthews discusses other reasons for sedation dentistry.

  • Children sees the advantages of dentistry for their own oral health and hygiene.
  • Some procedures take hours to complete hence, dentists use sedation.
  • Dentists educate children about their oral health and preventive measures.


So, sedation dentistry among children is safe. Parents need not to worry about it. If you still feel worried, remember to consult your dentist beforehand.