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February is Children’s Dental Health Month

Posted in Dental Care, and Pediatric Dental

Children’s Dental Health Month

Get your kids off to a good start this year and teach them the importance of a good dental health routine. February is National “Children’s Dental Health Month” in Canada. Studies show that there are huge benefits to teaching children at a young age to develop important habits that can stay with them the rest of their lives.

Do your children know how to brush properly? Because Erbsville Dental believes strongly that early prevention and education is critical to maintaining your teeth, they can be a critical partner in teaching the right way to brush. The time they spend every day brushing and flossing will not be in vain. The very kind, and kid friendly hygienists will back you up, and show young clients how to use their time wisely and get every nook and cranny of their mouths clean and minimise bacterial growth.

Always Approachable

Dr. Mathews friendly and supportive manner will always build you up as a parent trying their best. You will never feel like you are being scolded for your efforts to help your child become efficient with cleaning their teeth. If things do go wrong Dr. Mathews is there to provide you with the accurate information you need to address any problem areas. It happens to all of us, so no need to worry about cavities if they happen, that’s what your dentist is here for.

Children can start coming to the dentist even before they begin to talk. The whole staff at Erbsville dental loves kids and specialises in pediatric dentistry. It’s a wonderful thing when kids develop a relationship with their dental team, and don’t feel threatened or afraid of visiting the dentist. Their lack of anxiety will make it much easier for you to make those essential appointments without hesitating because it’s too much to handle. The Erbsville pediatric team will do everything in their power to maintain that stress free environment for both your children and you.


Miss-aligned and crowded teeth is common in young children. In the past parents dreaded even the thought of making their kids wear braces. Not to mention the cost of orthodontic fixes. Erbsville Dental can help children in this situation as well. Dr. Mathews is an Invisalign specialist and can accurately advise and make proper adjustments when needed. Invisalign comes with so many benefits, often many insurance companies will cover some of the cost. The best part though is that it’s very hard to tell if your child is wearing their Invisalign support. No one should ever tease a child about wearing braces, but now, no one will know. Ask Erbsville Dental if Invisalign is right for your child?

Not Going Anywhere

Erbsville Dentals young team isn’t going anywhere. They will be around for years to come, and they are excited about being your kid’s dentist and hygienist as they grow. Partner up now with our team, together we can make sure “our kid’s” have a good experience, develop good habits, and keep their adult teeth for their entire life.

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