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Erbsville Dental is Compliant with All Back to Work Guidelines

Posted in COVID-19

Agencies that Govern Dentistry

Erbsville Dental is compliant with The Ontario Ministry of Health (OMH), The Royal Ontario College of Dental Surgeons (RCDSO), and The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO) guidelines for re-opening the clinic. As you can imagine the guidelines for operating during an ongoing pandemic are detailed and extensive. The principle behind all three agencies efforts and suggestions is safety and respect for everyone’s right to good health, now and moving forward into what has been called the “new normal”.

“New Normal” Not So New

Reading through the measures that need to be in place to operate a dental clinic as set forth by the OMH, the RCDSO, and the CDHO you might wonder how it is possible for any clinic to open. At first glance you might think there are so many things that need to change. The truth is though that what might be a “new normal” for the general public has always been just “normal” for most dental practices in Ontario. In other words, many of the practical guidelines for avoiding transmission of bacteria and viruses have always been practiced in Ontario dental offices prior to COVID-19. There have always been viruses and because of the nature of the work dentists have always needed to be cautious about microbial safety.

Dr. Stephen Mathews started defending his future patents from microbial hazards during the design and set up of Erbsville Dental itself. Isolated patient exam areas, special rooms for aerosol generating procedures, digital monitoring of all sterilization equipment, innovative air filtration throughout the clinic, even the type and design of furniture was considered with the motive of reducing fomites. (fomites are surfaces where bacteria and viruses can remain) Much thought has gone into providing a safe place for patients and the Erbsville Dental team. Everything that has been put in place over the years as an ongoing effort to protect people from viruses is also why Erbsville Dental is able to be compliant with the guidelines of all governing authorities.

Conflicting Guidelines

There has been much in the news lately about conflicting guidelines from the RCDSO and the CDHO. One College may require something that the other does not, and visa versa. Erbsville Dental’s response to this is one of respect for both guidelines. “If something more is required from one and not the other, we will do it.” -Dr. Mathews

Much has been invested into keeping Erbsville Dental a safe place for dentistry. If future technology allows for improvements, there is no doubt that Dr. Mathews will continue to implement new types of protection as it becomes available.

Now Open

As Ontario enters phase 2 of re-opening more dental services are available. If you have any questions about your dental health call us at 519-342-1166. Be confident that when you come back to Erbsville Dental for regular appointments, you are coming to a very safe place.