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The Convenience of Erbsville Dental Waterloo

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

A Great Location

Your favorite Waterloo Dental clinic is located at 668 Erb St. W. Unit B4, in North Waterloo. It’s in a plaza with many of the stores and restaurants you love. The plaza itself is on the corner of Erb Street and Erbsville Road, and has five entry points. Two off Erb, two off Erbsville, and one from Bordeaux Place, beside Mark’s Work Warehouse. Erbsville Dental is on a the far West end of the plaza with the new Costco behind it. This area of the plaza is less congested and easier to navigate. The modern units of this section are diverse, housing restaurants, a gym, office space, and Erbsville Dental on the North end. This specific area of the plaza was designed well for accessibility with store front walkways that are perfectly level with the parking surface. Parking is almost always available right in front of the clinic, with hundreds of available spots.

Thousands of People Within Walking Distance

The city of Waterloo has always encouraged alternatives to driving and is known for its stance on being environmentally responsible. That is why throughout the neighborhoods surrounding Erbsville Dental you will find well maintained bike paths and trails (lined with dandelions’) that make the Canadian Tire / Erbsville Dental plaza accessible by bike, wheelchair,  scooter, or foot. Thousands of people are within walking distance. Neighborhoods surrounding Erbsville Dental include Rummelhardt, Westvale, Beechwood,  Laurelwood, Highland West, Maple Hills, and Westmount. All these neighborhoods have pathways leading to Erbsville Dental, and many city roads now include bike lanes.

Where The Boardwalk Begins?

At Erb Street, Erbsville Road becomes The Ira Needles Parkway or The Boardwalk. You could say Erbsville Dental is located at the beginning of the Boardwalk, adding to the convenience of Erbsville Dental. Here you can find everything you need including two large medical buildings, a theater, large box stores and retail outlets, places to eat or drink with sunny patios and lots to see and do.

Make Erbsville Dental Your Clinic

If you live in the area, come and experience some of the good things offered by our great city. While your checking things out, visit Erbsville Dental and consider making them your Waterloo dental clinic. Learn why others love Erbsville Dental and see if it might be a fit for your busy schedule. In addition to its convince check out some other reasons to make Erbsville Dental your clinic.