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Has COVID-19 Left Emotional Scars on Your Teeth?

Posted in COVID-19, Dental Care, and General Dentistry

The Pandemic Has Led Many to Bruxism

The human brain can cope with significant pressure and stress but sometimes if overwhelmed it sets it aside to deal with it later. When bombarded and left without healthy releases the effects of prolonged stress can manifest themselves in unexpected ways. For example, recent studies (Tel Aviv University) have concluded that the pandemic has led many to teeth grinding (bruxism) and increased facial pain. Some people grind their teeth unaware while sleeping, while others find themselves doing it subconsciously when awake and in social settings. Whatever the case, if you find you’re grinding your teeth, have increased facial or jaw pain or even a damaged tooth, Erbsville Dental can help. Although there’s no easy way to combat stress, Dr. Mathews can provide you with a customized night guard to protect your teeth from the effects of clenching and grinding.

Stress Relief & Mindfulness

The study concluded with some recommendations stating that “self-care is absolutely essential,” and should include a form of “stress relief” and “mindfulness.” Bruxism is just one form of emotional scars COVID-19 has left on your teeth, a second is the fear of returning to the dentist. Keeping up with regular scheduled dental appointments is important. It’s been proven that putting off oral maintenance and minor dental procedures only compounds problems and results in added stress due to more complicated treatment later. Erbsville Dental has worked hard to implement permanent COVID-safe treatment protocols to help keep you safe from infection during your dental visits.

A Global Health Crisis

Now that restrictions have finally been removed, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals have reported a surge of people dealing with anxiety, depression, and exacerbated pre-existing mental conditions. CNBC reported that the emotional effects of COVID-19 and problems associated with conforming to “the new normal” could last a generation of time. If you’re feeling anxious, have symptoms of Bruxism or oral pain, you are not alone. Mental health problems resulting from the pandemic has become a “global health crisis.” However, until we can put it away and forget the emotional scars COVID-19 has left, one by one we can correct the minor physical scars like tooth damage due to stress. Talk to your dentist (Erbsville Dental) today about preventing damage or repairing it.