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What To Know About Crown Dentistry In Waterloo

Posted in General Dentistry

Most patients want to find the best crown dentistry in Waterloo. A dental crown or cap covers the damaged tooth. It improves the overall appearance and strength of the tooth. The dentist restores the tooth’s original size, shape, and function just like the patient’s natural teeth.

With the Waterloo smiles dentistry, the dentist checks the tooth first and examine its size. Next, he decreases its size so the crown will fit snugly. He creates an impression of the patient’s tooth that needs to be capped on or covered. The patient can choose whether a temporary or permanent crown will be placed.

Types of material for crown dentistry in Waterloo

There are different kinds of dental crowns to choose from. Every type has its unique characteristics that fit your dental needs.


This is one of the crowns you get from crown dentistry in Waterloo. Most of the time, ceramic crowns are used to restore the appearance of the patient’s front teeth. One of its unique characteristics is that it blends right in with the color of the patient’s natural teeth.

Porcelain attached to metal

This type combines ceramics and metal hence, it creates a stronger and more aesthetic dental crown. Waterloo smiles dentistry creates the crowns using metal as the main material.

They fuse the porcelain externally which makes it more appealing than metal dental crowns.


Gold is commonly used for the metal crowns which makes it the most durable among the types of material. It needs the least amount of filling for the tooth. Metal crowns, according to crown dentistry in Waterloo, give patients the ability to bite tender food or grind their teeth without damaging it. For some patients, they choose metal crown the least because of its appearance.

Waterloo smiles dentistry, gives you an understanding of the different dental crowns that you may use to replace your lost teeth. Now, based on what you know, you can choose the best dental crown for you.