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Top 5 Benefits Of Custom Sports Mouth Guard That You Need To Know

Posted in cosmetic dentistry, Dental Care, and General Dentistry

Custom sports mouth guard forms an essential part in an athlete’s life. Apart from this, it also helps in keeping the teeth healthy. According to studies, around five million athletes lose their teeth each year due to their sports activities. A dentist in Waterloo prevents these injuries through custom-made sports mouth guard that protects gums, teeth, and mouths from injuries and trauma.

The following are the top five (5) benefits that athletes get from using a sports mouth guard.

Available in various options

Dentists and athletic stores provide various options for patients who wonder about custom sports mouth guard. These differ in effectiveness, comfort, and cost. Dentists classify these sports mouth guards into three (3) categories:

  • Ready to wear – which different sporting goods stores sell at an affordable price. Comes in limited variations.
  • Boil and bite – also sold in athletic stores and drugstores. Gives more comfort and costs little more than ready-to-wear mouth guards.
  • Custom-made – Dentists create this according to the imprint they obtained from the patient. May cost more than the two (2) previous categories but gives the utmost protection to patients and athletes alike.


A dentist in Waterloo creates these custom-made mouth guards according to the impression they obtained from the patient. This results to a more durable, resilient, and comfortable mouth guard that patients use during physical and recreational activities. It’s a must that patients check if they are able to speak or breathe properly when using the mouth guard.

Custom designed

Dentists create custom sports mouth guard to fit the size of the patient. They take the impression of the patient’s mouth and create a mold from there on. In the laboratory, he then carefully examines the impression as he sculpts the mouth guard accordingly. Adjustments are made when the patient comes in for the fitting. Dentists ensure the mouth guards are comfortable to wear.

Prevents damages to retainers or braces

Athletic patients experience injuries during their games or other recreational activities. These injuries bring damage to the braces and retainer that they use. Moreover, these damages hurt patients through cuts, tears, and even mouth sores inside their mouths. A dentist in Waterloo creates mouth guards that aim to protect patients who wear retainers or braces.

When patients engage in their contact sports or leisure activities, they wear these mouth guards on their upper teeth. However, there are mouth guards that protect the bottom teeth too.

Protects from injury

When it comes to sports, a single blow to the mouth causes injury or damage which ruptures into a dental issue. This causes patients to feel excruciating pain that may give dentists challenge to treat. Some injuries lead to extensive procedures or surgeries to correct the injury acquired. Mouth guards protect patients from incurring these injuries whenever they engage in physical or recreational activities like football, skateboarding, or even snowboarding.

Redistributes the impact

The customized sports mouth guard acts as a cushion inside the mouth. It serves as a barrier between the soft tissues and the teeth. With the use of the mouth guards, it aids in preventing  a patient to incur a broken tooth. Also, it prevents cuts in gums, lips, and other areas.

To protect yourself from dental injuries and trauma, dentists recommend using custom-made sports mouth guard. This ensures the comfort, snug fit, quality material, and protection that patients need during intense training or activities.