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How To Maintain Your Custom Sports Mouth Guards

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

If you’re into sports, custom sports mouth guards should be part of your essential gears. Whether you’re playing basketball, ice hockey, skating, or skiing, you should request for dental guards from your dentist.

The custom-made dental guards protect your teeth and jaw from any maxillofacial injuries like no other. They fit tightly to your teeth and gums, giving your mouth the optimal protection it needs. That’s because your dentist creates your mouth guard based on your dental impression. Best of all, he uses cool mouthguard designs in fabricating your mouthpiece, so you will standout in your team. You have to visit your dentist and request for your own mouthpiece at least a month before your sports event. This would give him enough time to create your dental gear in 2 to 3 weeks.

Why should you choose custom sports mouth guards?

You may want to consider purchasing mouthguards that are readily available in the market. Yet they don’t provide the same fit and comfort as much as custom sports mouth guards do. The price would vary, however, the custom mouthguard is worthy of an investment. You don’t want to risk damaging your teeth after a dental injury, right? Hence, you must have the right gears so you’ll be more effective in your game. Also, you can choose from hundreds of cool mouthguard designs to match your unwavering spirit for the sport. Now that’s comfort and style wrapped in one.

cool mouthguard designs

Tips to keep your custom sports mouth guards last long

Clean your mouth guard properly.

Just like your teeth, your mouthguard needs to be cleaned before and after you wear it. Brush it gently using a non-abrasive toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush to prevent damage on the material. After your game, take off your dental guard so you can rinse it with water and mild soap. This will keep the bacteria from lurking in. At night, soak it using a three percent of hydrogen peroxide solution for 10 minutes to disinfect your mouthguard.

Store it safely.

Once your mouthguard is well cleaned, let it dry before storing it back to its container. Make sure you keep it in a place where no one would mistakenly throw it away. Sure you don’t want it missing for your next big game. A customized mouthpiece that’s well maintained and stored properly lasts up to three years. However, it’s also vulnerable to wear and tear, especially with frequent use. Ideally, you can have your custom sports mouth guards changed after a year.

No chewing on your dental guard.

To increase the longevity of your mouthpiece, remember not to chew on it. This bad oral habit will compromise your dental gear’s safeguarding qualities. They are designed to cover and shield your teeth, and not act as your chewing gum. Also, your teeth may break down the material and create space where bacteria can thrive. This will make your mouthguard unsanitary.

When you engage into sports, consider your safety first. Don’t settle in wearing a temporary mouthguard that will make you feel uncomfortable throughout your game. The dental services in Waterloo, Ontario include making cool mouthguard designs for active athletes like you. See your dentist today and ask for your new sports mouth guard.