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Dental Care for the Elderly

Posted in Dental Care, Dental Implant, and General Dentistry

What We Know About Ageing?

Did you know, scientist do not fully understand why we begin to age? They know at some point our cells stop renewing at the needed rate and this causes aging. The part they don’t know is why this debilitating process begins. Maybe we are missing a specific amino acid or something?

One thing we all know about getting old, it stinks! We begin feeling pain where there once was none, we don’t sleep as well, and our overall health is affected including our oral health. Even though it’s impossible to rewind time, we can maintain a high level of oral health as we age, especially if we have the help of Erbsville Dental. Dr. Mathews cares about his aging patients. He understands the challenges of aging, including the higher risk elderly people have of developing oral health conditions that come from simple wear and tear over time. Even medications commonly prescribed for the elderly can play a roll in causing dry mouth and tooth decay.

Erbsville Dental Caters to Their Elderly Clients

Why can it be said that Erbsville Dental caters to their elderly clients? Dr. Mathews is genuinely interested in you, your general health, and of course your oral health. At Erbsville Dental you will never be ignored. Form the entry staff to the dentist you will be sown respect and will be listened to. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort your hygienist and dentist will work together to pinpoint the cause and do their best to fix it for you.

Ask Questions

You can get advice on how to improve your dental routine from your hygienist. Be sure to come with any questions or concerns and if they have anything to do with your teeth or gums, you can count on a friendly, tactful solution. Your dentist (Dr. Mathews) will also answer any questions you might have about what products are best for you. For example, an electric toothbrush may make brushing easier with limited mobility. When you loose teeth, there are also many options to replace them, like, dentures and implants.

Dental Care for the Elderly

Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

If you are on a fixed income and are 65+ you may be eligible for the Ontario Governments Seniors Dental Care Plan. This relatively new plan covers most regular dental needs. Read more about it in our next post.