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Dental Crowns Price: How Much Is It?

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

Dental crowns replace missing tooth that patients lost through oral diseases, decay, or cavities. Patients find it beneficial to know the dental crowns price before undergoing the treatment. Some clinics offer flexible payment schemes for patients who endure financial challenges.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns replace lost teeth by placing a cap-like device on top of the area where the teeth were extracted. Waterloo dental office uses dental crowns to restore the natural appearance and look of the patients’ teeth. Dentists cement the crowns and it covers the void until the gum line.

Why use dental crowns?

Most know dental crowns as replacement for lost teeth. However, there are other reasons why patients use dental crowns, price is one of those. Here are the other reasons.

  • Dental crowns hold dental bridges in place.
  • These cover dental implants that work as teeth replacement for the patient.
  • Restore the natural appearance of the natural teeth.
  • Give the patients their bites back.
  • Strengthens the other teeth surrounding the area for the lost tooth.

Knowing dental crowns price

Some Waterloo dental office shares that a number of factors affect the cost of a dental crown. Those factors include:

  • Expertise of the dentist
  • Location of the clinic
  • Material used for the crown
  • Location of the tooth to be replaced or restored


Indeed, a lot of factors affect the dental crowns price. Some dental clinics offer dental crowns ranging from $700 CAD up to $4,000 CAD and that does not include the fee for the procedure yet. Root canal procedure costs around $600 CAD up to $2500 CAD depending on the location of the tooth and the gravity of the damage.

A Waterloo dental office presented the price range for dental implants which cost around $1,300 CAD up to $4,000 CAD for a single patient alone.

Some dental insurance providers cover dental crown procedures. It’s best for patients to consult their dentists and providers before opting to undergo this treatment.