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Dental Excellence Through Perpetual Education

Posted in COVID-19, Dental Care, Dental Surgery, and General Dentistry

Perpetual Education

If you want to be excellent at what you do then you need to keep learning. Every industry has an example of excellence via perpetual education. “The relentless pursuit of perfection” has long been the LEXUS tag line. And inbound marketing (a basic web marketing principal) is centered around being the foremost expert at your profession. “People will be drawn to you if you know your field and the latest innovations in it.”

Being a good dentist is no different, your education does not end when you earn your diploma. Dentistry is always evolving, and it is important to Dr. Mathews (of Erbsville Dental) to provide the best possible service to patients. Therefore, he looks for opportunities to increase his knowledge and learn new things related to his patients’ dental issues and their comfort while at Erbsville Dental.

Breath Easy

This unprecedented year provided opportunities to learn about airborne contagions, fomites, and new preventative measures to protect the clinic from viruses. Did you know that because of the nature of dental procedures, most dental exam rooms are more sterile and cleaner than medical operating rooms? So, it’s not like protective measures were absent before the pandemic began. To create an even safer environment, Dr. Mathews recently researched the best equipment to filter the air at Erbsville Dental. Read more about the Erbsville Dental’s IQ HyperHEPA air filters.

The Last Decade

The last 10 years have seen many dental innovations. For example, there are some new ways of treating gum disease. Bone grafts, membranes and proteins are being used to regenerate bone and tissue for healthier gums. Diode lasers are being used effectively to find cavities. New materials for dental implants are making them much more durable with a 95% success rate and an average 15 years of use. Resins have become better filling and bonding materials. The shiny texture and ability to better match the color and look of teeth have made resins a great filling product. Thinner Veneers are now possible and just as strong, making it easier to preserve more of the original tooth they are bonded to. Digital X-rays with less radioactive exposure and the ability to view on a PC screen have been a substantial improvement to traditional x-ray equipment.

In addition to what’s available to dental clinics consumers have seen new dental products for the home. Flossing alternatives, special toothpastes, new types of electric brushes, water picks, and lately a new “Radio Frequency (RF) technology”.

Ask Dr. Mathews

There are so many things to know as a dentist. Therefore, the best dentists embrace the “Perpetual Education” cycle. Being up to date with new technology and dental innovations gives Erbsville Dental the ability to provide the best options for their patients. If you have any questions about some of the new options or products available to you, simply ask Dr. Mathews.

Oral Surgery

On top of new dental innovations, there is something else that’s new at Erbsville Dental. Oral surgeries are now done at Erbsville Dental in Waterloo. They now address all wisdom tooth issues without referring you to a different clinic. Dr. John McIntosh (Oral Surgon) is now a part of the Erbsville Dental team. Read more about wisdom tooth extraction.