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How are Dental Implant Procedures done in Waterloo?

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Dental implants in Waterloo are popular choice and a better solution for many people who are missing teeth. For those who are missing a single tooth, they may opt for Waterloo dental bridges or implants. They are both more permanent, more comfortable and more natural looking than traditional dentures. Dentures sit directly on top of the gums and can slip whereas dental implants are secured to the jawbone so your teeth look natural and your diet isn’t limited. Choosing to talk to a dentist who does dental implants in Waterloo is a big decision and knowing more about what to expect can help you make it. Here are the basic procedures you will go through.

Step 1: Evaluating and Planning

The first step to getting dental implants in Waterloo will be to get a thorough dental evaluation. The dentist will take x-rays and do a detailed examination to determine the condition of your mouth. He will develop a specific plan for the implants, or possibly suggest other options. During this phase, it’s important to ask your dentist questions. Let him know what concerns you have and get answers to your questions.

Step 2: Preparing

In Waterloo, dental bridges and implants have very high success rates. The dentist will take precautions to reduce the risk for infection and even implant failure. Your mouth will need to be healthy and clean before the implants can be placed. If you need any other dental work like root canals or fillings, the dentist will do that first.

Step 3: Bone Grafting or Extractions

When you get dental implants, they will replace missing teeth. For this reason if any nearby teeth are failing, they will also need to be removed. Unlike Waterloo dental bridges, implants are attached directly to the jawbone. If the bone is not strong enough to receive implants, the dentist will do a bone graft to build it up and give the implants a strong base to fuse to. This is usually done at the same time as the extractions. It can take several months for this to heal before the implants can be placed.

Step 4: Placing Implants

Even though placing implants is a simple procedure, the dentist usually does it while you are under local anesthesia. The gum tissue is slightly cut to create a small hole into which the implant is screwed and then secured. After that the tissue is replaced. During this phase, a temporary crown may be placed. Once the implants have healed, the final crown will be placed on top. If you are having several teeth placed, you may also need to have a Waterloo dental bridge placed. It will be done at this time as well.