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Choosing the Best Dental Implant for You

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No one needs to lose a smile after a tooth loss. With modern dentistry, patients can now have their lost tooth replaced using dental implants in Erb St. Dental Implants are done by surgically placing a metal screw to the jawbone. This serves as the support of the prosthetic teeth that are placed on top of the implant.

Before going through this dental procedure, an oral surgeon performs a complete oral check-up and screening with the patient. At Erbsville dental clinic, dentists use modern technology to assess the health of oral tissues and the jawbone of the patient. The dentist provides options on the types of dental implants to be done after the patient completes the screening.

What are the types of dental implants in Erb St.?

  • Traditional Implant

This takes two dental appointments to complete. On the first appointment, metal frames are placed into the jaw as support to unite with the mouth’s natural bone. The dental surgeon allows it to heal up to six months. On the second appointment, the dental surgeon places the permanent denture, crown or bridge on top of the metal screw. This gives unmatched stability and support to the artificial teeth. The staff at Erbsville dental clinic helps the patient feel at ease all throughout the procedure. The patient does not need to worry about discomfort.   

  • Immediate Implant

This is also a surgical procedure where custom-made teeth are immediately put in place in one dental appointment. When the anterior teeth are lost, the patient may opt for an immediate implant. However, this procedure requires the patient to have good oral tissues and a healthy jawbone for the implant to be stable. This is important so it can hold the artificial teeth and last longer. The procedure is done once the patient is medically ready for the procedure.  

Restoring bright smiles is the number one priority of every dentist. You can choose the best dental implants in Erbsville St. to replace lost teeth. To find out what dental implant suits you, visit the Erbsville dental clinic and allow their dental staff to help you.