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Dental Tourism – Pros & Cons

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What is Dental Tourism

It may be a while since you traveled. Most people travel to change their environment, relax, and relieve stress. Us Canadians sometimes go away, just to feel warm again, and break up a long winter. Whatever the case we all hope our destination if refreshing, fun, and memorable. Did you know that some people travel with the combined purpose of having a holiday that includes inexpensive dental work? Dental tourism is an actual thing. In fact, Before COVID-19 it was a growing market in the US and Canada with over 5 Billion (USD) spent on it in 2019. Things have changed in 2020 but when the world dental tourism market re-opens, hotels and airlines are likely to have lower prices. Which means, people will continue to look for global dental deals.

No one wants to sit on a beach with a swelled-up face, looking like a chipmunk and feeling numb. That is why most away dental procedures are cosmetic and minor in nature. Others do dental work covered by insurance at home and look for deals on things not covered elsewhere. In some countries, certain dental procedures cost 90% less than what we pay in Canada. Some people are able to pay for their flight and hotel with what they save not booking the same dental work at home. No wonder it has become increasingly popular.

Should You Become a Dental Tourist?

Money isn’t everything. Some return home with horror stories and permanent oral damage. Others find quality dentistry and get good work done. But, no medical insurance will cover complications due to planned dental tourism. A single hospital visit could leave a “bad taste in your mouth” (LOL) and ruin your trip. So, if you plan on rolling the dice, do your research. Taking chances with dental quality is not smart. Remember to check the accreditations of the clinic you plan to visit. Read reviews from a reliable rating site, good and bad.

Popular Dental Tourisim Locations

So where are people going to get a tan and a root canal? Believe it or not India is the #1 hot spot for dental tourists. Low, low prices and comparatively good quality has enticed many to take a chance. A filling is around $31 CND, and other procedures are 70-90% less than here. For Canadians, Mexico was a second-place dental tourism location. Who does not love the Caribbean! Combine that with 50% less dental costs, and tequila to help you heal, and you have another recipe for way to save and sun yourself. Other places Canadians get dental work done overseas include Thailand, Columbia, The Dominican, Republic, Panama, and Europeans like Hungary.

Erbsville Dental Offers Quality

Currently COVID-19 has stopped most dental tourist. You would be risking your life going to some of these viral hot spots. Even if that does change soon, and dental tourism again becomes popular, there is good reasons to stay. Erbsville Dental in Waterloo is a great place to get all your dental work done. Dr. Mathews is a highly accredited dentist, schooled by The Royal Ontario College of Dental Surgeons. The clinic uses state of the art technologies, equipment, and procedures. Many are surprised how reasonably priced even cosmetic dentistry can be. Ask Erbsville Dental for a quote. In addition, Erbsville dental works with insurance companies including the Studentcare Network to help reduce costs on common procedures.

Erbsville Dental works hard to make every visit a positive experience. They don’t include a beech side massage or an all you can eat buffet. But they do guarantee excellent dental work and a safe environment even during the global pandemic. Book your appointment today.