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Common Dental Treatments in Waterloo

Posted in cosmetic dentistry, and General Dentistry

Depending on your previous experience or stories you have heard from others your first thought when you hear dentist may be checkup or extraction.

Some common dental treatments might surprise you while others may not.

All most all of these treatments are designed to help you keep your natural teeth.

Most common dental treatments

The most common dental treatments Waterloo are:

  • Checkups and cleanings done twice a year help you keep your teeth and gums healthy
  • Fillings will help stop decay and repair your tooth.

What are some other common dental treatments?

  • Whitening removes stains from teeth
  • Bonding is used to repair cracks, chips, decay, or stained teeth
  • Veneers are used to cover stains, repair chips, decay, or hide gaps
  • Caps or crowns helps strengthen and repair weak teeth
  • Root canals help repair decay and stop pain
  • Extractions such as wisdom teeth
  • Bridges are used when you are missing one or more of your own teeth
  • Dental implants are used when you are missing one or more teeth
  • Sealants are used as a preventative measure against decay

All of these treatments are aimed at helping you keep your natural teeth and gums healthy.

How you can help prevent needing these treatments

How you can help prevent needing some of these treatments?

Good oral hygiene with the proper tools is important.

Brushing twice a day and flossing properly will help keep your teeth from decay.

A good rinse with fluoride or that helps control tartar and plaque is another tool to prevent these types of treatments; you will need to speak to your Waterloo dentist to find out which type of rinse will best suit your personal needs.

For young kids and teens sometimes a sealant is a good way to prevent decay and cavities.