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Crown Dentistry Waterloo

The Function of a Crown

A porcelain crown strengthens and protects the entire tooth surface, bringing it back to its original size and shape. We may suggest a crown if your tooth is cracked, has a very large filling that is degrading, is significantly damaged by cavities, or has undergone a root canal procedure.

We carefully blend the color of your porcelain crowns to ensure that they match your natural teeth. A crown installation typically requires two visits. During the first appointment we will prep the tooth by removing any decay and constructing a healthy foundation to hold the crown. Next, we will make impressions that will be used to construct the crown. A temporary crown is affixed until the final one is complete. Within 2 weeks, you will come back to get your temporary crown taken out and your new crown installed.

 The porcelain crown will provide some protection for your tooth. However, as with all dental procedures, proper care at home and regular follow up dental visits will help extend the life of your new dental crown.

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