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Dental Sports Mouthguards

Mouthguards…Every child should have one!

Mandatory sportsguards have been implemented for sports such as Hockey and Lacrosse, but anyone participating in an activity that has the potential for contact should protect themselves with a well fitting mouthguard. A sportsguard is an important piece of protection for sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer, but it is just as important during activities such as Gymnastics, Rugby, Horseback Riding and Skateboarding to name a few. Children who wear braces are even more likely to sustain injuries and should also be well protected.

Erbsville Dental provides sportsguards

A properly fitted mouthguard will protect against dental fractures and oral lacerations by absorbing and dispersing traumatic impact. When wearing a sportsguard, injuries from dental trauma have been shown to dramatically decrease. Recent studies show that a well fitting mouthguard can reduce the risk of head trauma/ concussions by as much as half. Head trauma can be limited through shock absorption along with stabilizing and limiting jaw movement.

Stock mouthguards, even moldable boil and bite guards, provide a poor and bulky fit. Complaints of breathing restriction, difficulty speaking, or a loose fit often result in people choosing to go without the protection of a sportsguard. The best sportsguard is one that you will wear! A professionally fabricated mouthguard provides the greatest degree of fit, comfort, and protection.

Having sponsored local sports teams, it has become apparent that many children don’t have any form of mouth protection. Erbsville Dental now provides sportsguards free of charge for children under 18 joining the office. Future replacement mouth guards are also offered for a minimal fee. Contact our Waterloo dental office for more information.

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