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Value and Service From Your Waterloo Dentist

Posted in Dental Care

Value and Service

In a world where customer service and value are much harder to find than in the past, Erbsville Dental, Waterloo is providing great service and value for your money.  One way that they have been able to continually provide value is by keeping their costs under control.  The clinic at Erbsville Dental is small but efficient.  Comfortable, but not ostentatious. 

Some clinics are “over the top” with giant TV’s, lavish décor and unnecessary staff.  When you find yourself in a spa like clinic you must ask, who pays for all of it?  The bottom line is that you, the patient does.  There are many dental practices that go into massive debt to create a lavish atmosphere only to find they need to charge higher prices for dental services.  Because expensive dental clinics are common, the cost of dental services in Ontario has become inflated.

A Well-Managed Clinic

If you are in a situation where you don’t have full dental coverage than you may want to seek out a more modest practice.  A well-managed clinic is one that has all the necessary equipment to provide you with excellent dental care at a reasonable price.  A dentist should not have to entertain you, rather, they are primarily interested in your dental health.  

At Erbsville Dental you will be treated well.  The atmosphere is friendly, organized, practical and clean.  Your visit is not about the dentist and his achievements, its about you, and your dental health.  Dr. Mathews and his team are keenly interested in providing great dental services that prevent and solve your dental problems.  Providing value to those with and without insurance.

Are you paying for your dental services or for your dental clinic? Come experience the difference and get great service and value at Erbsville Dental, Waterloo