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Five Tips From Your Friendly Dentist For Toddlers

Posted in Dental Care, and General Dentistry

When parents bring their children to a dentist for toddlers, they intend to orient their toddlers about dental care early on. Dental care presents a good value among toddlers when taught early on. When the family finds a dentist that they trust, bringing their toddlers become easy.


A pediatric dentist takes care of the dental health of infants, toddlers, children, and teenagers. They specialize in treating dental issues such as cavities, decay, and teething among these kids.


A dentist for toddlers provides treatments designed for children such as:

  • Infant oral care that prevent dental issues at a very early stage
  • Diet recommendation,
  • Prevention from tooth decay and cavities

When you visit a dentist for toddlers…

Parents bring their children to dental clinics for dental treatments and procedures. However, a dentist shares other things that entice parents to bring their toddlers to dental clinics.

Learn the best way to brush their toddlers’ teeth

Toddlers naturally explore and mimic the people around them. It begins with repeating what their parents or siblings would say when they play or talk with them. The same thing happens with dental routines. When they see their parents or siblings brush their own teeth, toddlers want to do the same. When parents find a dentist for toddlers, he guides the toddlers and their parents in practicing the best way to brush their teeth.


The road to getting healthy teeth begins with cleaning their teeth well. For their young teeth, they use a smaller toothbrush with soft bristles and a smaller amount of fluoride toothpaste. Your dentist recommends either using a fluoride toothpaste or not (most infant or toddler toothpaste do not contain fluoride). The frequency of brushing the teeth should be every day, first in the morning and before going to bed.

Know the right kind of diet

When it comes to food, children get enticed eating candies or sweet treats from their godparents and relatives. Dentists and parents work hand in hand to prevent tooth decay. One of the most recommended things to do, curb the intake of sweets.


Sweets include chocolates, candies, fruit juices, fruit slices, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Dentists recommend moderating starchy food to toddlers. These include biscuits, crackers, pasta dishes, and pretzels.


Sugar and starch lodge in between teeth. If toddlers and parents to clean the teeth carefully, these elements cause tooth decay and cavities in the teeth. Furthermore, leads to dental damage.

Prevent tooth decay

Aside from brushing the toddler’s teeth every morning and before they go to bed, there are certain preventive measures that protect teeth from decay. First step begins with brushing teeth carefully. Next step pertains to curbing sugary and starchy treats.


Other preventive measures that parents must take note of:

  • Let toddlers drink water after feeding time. Alternate milk and water during feeding time as this prevents plaque buildup in the teeth. Water flushes down leftover food particles.
  • Some toddlers sleep with their feeding bottles lodged in their mouth. Parents need to know that when milk dries up in their teeth, the sugar and starch content buildup. This slowly ruins their teeth and lead to cavities and decay. When your children reach at least nine (9) months of age, slowly give up the bottle and use lidless cup for their beverages.

Know more about teething in toddlers

Teething causes discomfort to toddlers that disrupts their sleep or put them in a fuzzy mood. Some parents use a damp cloth or wet towel to pacify their children through this stage. However, some dentists recommend using a chilled teething ring or teething toy that parents carefully cleaned and sterilized.

Reduce anxiety about visiting dentists

Children get scared with visiting dental clinics. Dentists engage with children and talk to them about dental treatments that make their teeth healthy. Parents endure the challenge of finding the right pediatric dentist for them. However, dentists in Waterloo area ensure toddlers and parents that visiting dentists help them maintain strong and healthy teeth.

Families look for the pediatric dentist that helps them with their dental needs. Whenever your toddlers feel the slightest dental discomfort, don’t hesitate to consult your pediatric dentist at once!