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Waterloo Dentist: 5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush

Posted in General Dentistry

Teaching your children good oral hygiene habits should start the day you bring them home.

Use a wet piece of gauze or wet cloth right after they have been fed and gently wipe the gums. As soon as their first tooth comes in, get an age-appropriate soft bristle brush and use water to brush that tooth. Do this every day until they are old enough to use toothpaste and brush their own teeth.

Your dentist for kids in Waterloo can help you with ways to help teach your child proper oral hygiene.

5 tips for teaching

  • Get a soft bristle brush or a power brush they like, for example, a superhero or action figure.
  • Brush with them so they can see the proper way to brush and floss and explain that by having a daily oral hygiene routine that they follow every day will help the have strong healthy teeth. Do not forget to have the see the dentist twice a year.
  • Use a toothpaste that they like, if your dentist recommends a fluoride toothpaste make sure you find one in a flavor the kids will like.
  • The right rinse is another factor, most rinses for kids have fluoride and come in various flavors, the fluoride helps strengthen their teeth as they grow.
  • Set a time such as an hourglass or an egg timer or try to make it a game something that gets them interested in brushing their teeth, that is why it is important to start early. Also, check their teeth to make sure they are not missing any place when they brush.

If you have any problems or are not sure what products to use your Dentist in Waterloo will gladly recommend products and show your child how to properly brush or floss their teeth.