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Denture Care Waterloo: How Do I Clean Dentures?

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If you are spending money on a good set of dentures you need to know how to do proper denture care Waterloo.

Cleaning and maintaining your dentures

Daily brushing: either place a towel or put water in the sink before you begin brushing your dentures in case you drop them they will not break. Use a denture brush, a mild toothpaste, and be sure to brush not only the teeth but the area that comes in contact with your gums, especially if you use a denture adhesive.

If you do not use a denture adhesive, you take your dentures out and rinse every time your done eating.

Do not sleep in your dentures, not only do the dentures dry out and can become brittle but it is not good for your gums or the bone to have your dentures in 24 hours a day.

You should always put your dentures to soak overnight in water so they do not dry out or lose their shape.

Use a gentle toothpaste not a whitening toothpaste or bleach on your dentures.

Once or twice a week you should soak your dentures with an effervescent tablet to deep clean any bacteria from them. Rinse the denture thoroughly before placing back in your mouth.

While your dentures out, use a soft bristle brush to brush your gums, roof of your mouth, cheeks, and tongue to remove bacteria.

Erbsville dental can teach you how to properly brush and care for your dentures.

They will also be able to recommend products that will help you care for and maintain your dentures for years to come.

The better you maintain and take care of your dentures the longer your dentures will last, but understand that every 8 to 10 years you will probably have to have your dentures replaced.