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Denture Implants in Waterloo

Posted in cosmetic dentistry

If you are missing only one tooth, a dental implant may be the right choice.

If however, you may have issues with your dentures not fitting properly.

At this point you may consider denture implants.

What are denture implants

Denture implant is a combination of a small titanium rod that is place in the bone where the root of the teeth are and a snap or two on the denture which attach to the rod.

Why would you need a denture implant?

You may need a denture implant for several reasons.

For one, your denture will not stay in place.

You may feel more confident in a denture that is secured without denture adhesive. Denture adhesive can be messy and some people may have a bad reaction to the adhesive and what it is made from.

How are denture implants installed?

The denture implant is done similar to a dental implant.

Over several steps in about 2 to 3 visits to the dentist you will get titanium posts and your dentures will have snaps put in to them.

  1. If there is any part of the root still there it will be removed
  2. The titanium post is placed into the jaw bone and given time to attach  to the bone securely
  3. Once it is attached, then you will be able to use the snaps palced into your denture to affix the plate fast

You will generally be given a local anesthesia for this procedure. After the procedure is done your dentist may recommend you take a mild pain reliever over three or four months while healing.

You can get denture implants in Waterloo at a reasonable price.

Your dentist can explain the pros and cons of denture implants to  you so that you understand everything involved.