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Discovering Dentures In Erb St: What You Need To Know?

Posted in General Dentistry

Dentures in Erb St. are one of the replacement options for patients who lost their teeth due to decay or sports injuries. These are designed to fit into the patient’s mouth and match the appearance of the natural teeth. Without these, there is more likelihood of teeth movement. Moreover, this leads to dental health issues such as malocclusion, bone loss, and teeth gap.

An emergency dentist is needed to address any unforeseen instances that may lead to teeth extraction or tooth loss.

Kinds of dentures in Erb St.

Over the years, dentists have been using two types of dentures in Erb St., partial and complete dentures.

Partial dentures

Dentists recommend using partial dentures when only one or two teeth are lost. When the neighboring teeth lost their capacity to support a bridge, this method becomes the next best thing. The emergency dentist uses this option as immediate remedy for patients who suffered from sports injuries.

Complete dentures

This type restores the entire set of teeth especially if most of the teeth were removed. These dentures in Erb St. are further classified into conventional and immediate.


This type of denture is removable, and it consists of a plastic base which resembles the color of the gums and the false tooth. Patients are able to brush and floss their teeth with ease. Conventional dentures need at least eight (8) weeks of healing period before dentists place them.


The dentist uses this type of denture to replace a tooth after the extraction. He makes the dentures prior to the appointment of the patient as an immediate remedy. This type gets disposed once the permanent dentures are prepared to be installed.

During an emergency, this type may be used as it immediately replaces the lost teeth at once. An emergency dentist administers the procedure and adjusts the denture so it feels comfortable.

Before finding the denture that fits your need, it’s best to know the right one you need.