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Does Cosmetic Dentistry Help Enhance Face Structure?

Posted in cosmetic dentistry

The smile is the most prominent feature of a person’s face. Straight, white teeth offer an appearance that is aesthetically pleasing, and help balance out the facial structure. When teeth are crooked, missing, chipped or have an improper bite pattern, it can make the contour of the face appear uneven.

Dental Problems and Facial Structure

Many people start to notice problems with misaligned teeth in their teen years. Visiting a dentist is key to detecting problems early on and working to correct them. Common problems are crooked teeth and misaligned jaws, either of which can cause the face to look disproportionate. Cosmetic dentists can use braces and other devices to help straighten the teeth and correct over or under bites. A cosmetic dentist can help remedy a protruding jawbone to improve the bite.

The shape of the face can also be affected by teeth that are crooked, missing or crowded. The obtrusive teeth can be removed and dental implants or crowns put in place. Cosmetic dentists can reshape crooked teeth and place porcelain veneers to help them have a more natural look and enhance the smile as well as the face structure. Dental reconstructions like these offer patients a beautiful smile and give them a more youthful appearance.

Cosmetic Dentistry to Complement the Face

A cosmetic dentist will enhance a person’s smile so that it harmonizes with the shape of their face. Straight teeth not only look healthy, but they also improve a person’s oral health as well as their facial structure. Cosmetic dentists can reshape a person’s teeth so that their appearance and facial structure are enhanced. By changing the shape of the teeth, a person’s face can be made to look longer, shorter, more rounded or more proportional as needed.