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Does My Child Need to See a Pediatric Dentist?

Posted in General Dentistry

Parents don’t always know that there is a major difference between a general dentist and a pediatric dentist. But there is a large difference between the two, primarily in the level of education and training required for their respective professional level. A pediatric dentist in Waterloo has far more training and education than a general dentist. Dental professionals who work with children have to complete more classroom training and have much more hands on training. The extra training allows them to provide children with more specific attention and care.

What’s does a pediatric dentist do?

Both general dentists and pediatric dentists desire to help children have healthy mouths; and sometimes they work together to reach that goal. But dental professionals who are qualified to work with children spend two more years in advanced educational classes beyond what a DDS completes. They also have to study special areas like behavior management and how to provide oral care to pediatric patients who have developmental or medical conditions that need special care. And since a child is still growing, their oral health is in a constant state of change. They work with children in evaluating their oral health, early detection and treating oral diseases or conditions.

Treatments and Techniques for Children

Even though they are similar, prevention and treatment methods are different for children than for adults. Providing proper treatments help ensure children will continue to have healthy mouths when they reach adulthood. Pediatric dentists in Waterloo  can help children prevent future problems with their jaws and teeth by helping stop poor habits like thumb sucking. They can also provide parents with expert help in the areas of diet and nutrition. They can also easily identify genetic conditions that are passed down from parents.

A pediatric dentist will perform standard dental care including cleaning their teeth, repairing damage, preventing cavities. They will also provide fluoride treatments and watch for signs of gum disease. This allows them to provide preventive treatment options to help ensure children maintain good oral health.

Will my child benefit from seeing a pediatric dentist?

It is certainly a good idea to take your child to a dentist who is specially trained to work with children. They have additional expertise to benefit your child’s overall dental health. They also have a good understanding of how children behave and their abilities. Taking a child to a dental professional with the additional training will ensure they receive the best care they can have for their dental needs. It will also ensure they have a positive experience that encourages them to continue going to the dentist far into adulthood.

How old should my child be when they visit the dentist for the first time?

It is recommended that your child sees a dentist for the first time shortly after they cut their first tooth, or their first birthday. This can seem early, but many toddlers who are only two or three years old have experienced inflamed gums and cavities.