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Dry February

Posted in Dental Care, and Dental Surgery

Will You Have a “Dry February”?

The Canadian Cancer Society is challenging all Canadians to a “Dry February.” Can you go a month without drinking alcohol? No beer with the Super Bowl, no red wine with that beautiful steak, and no whisky to warm up a cold evening.

You may be wondering what does drinking have to do with cancer? According to the Canadian Cancer Society; “The sobering news is that any type or amount of alcohol increases your risk of head and neck, breast, stomach, pancreatic, colorectal and liver cancers.” So far $930,045 has been raised. Will you be added to the 17, 338 Canadians “going dry” for this great cause?

What Does “Dry Feb” Have to Do with Dentistry?

Head and neck cancer includes oral cancers.

Although oral cancer isn’t as prevalent in Canada as it is in other countries, approximately 3000 Canadians are diagnosed with it every year, and its on the rise. Sadly, the death rate of oral cancer is higher than in other forms of cancer. In fact, around 1/3 of those who get it don’t survive. For perspective, in Canada, more cases of oral cancer are diagnosed in a year than cervical or ovarian cancer, and more deaths occur from oral cancer than from melanoma or cervical cancer. – This according to the Canadian Dental Association (CDA)

For more information on how to self screen for oral cancer see Erbsville Dental Post “Self Screen for Oral Cancer

Excessive use of alcohol also has less serious complications connected with oral health. It is listed as one of the worst 8 foods for oral health. It’s a diuretic and dries out your mouth and therefore promotes tooth decay. It has also been known to alter your thinking momentarily which could result in a disruption of a good oral hygiene routine. See “Top 8 Worst Foods for Your Teeth #3 Alcohol

Your dentist (Dr. Steve Mathews) will screen for oral cancer during each checkup. Yet another good reason to have regular visits to your dentist. Most cancers are treated more successfully when caught early. Don’t let COVID-19 keep you away from Erbsville Dental. Currently there is no restrictions on regular dental work. The Ontario Government is only restricting surgeries, and those restrictions could be lifted soon. If you have any unusual sours or growths anywhere on or in your mouth, don’t hesitate, make an appointment today.

We all look forward to the day a cure for cancer is found. Will you be part of the cure and go dry for February?

This article is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Accordingly, always seek the advice of your Dentist or other healthcare providers regarding a dental condition or treatment.