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Emergency Dental Care in Waterloo

Posted in Dental Care

Erbsville Dental provides excellent and affordable emergency dental care in Waterloo. The team of dentists in the emergency center are highly professional and are well equipped to treat all sorts of emergencies that might occur during the dental treatment.

Various services are offered by our dentists ranging from handling a complicated emergency root canal to other complications which might occur after surgery or other procedures. Whatever the condition is, you can rely on us. We treat our patients with professionalism, compassion in emergency care.

Services Offered By the Dentists in Waterloo:

The dentists in emergency centers provide the patients with following services:

  • Emergency dental examination.
  • Dental re-alignment, re-implants and splinting are provided for knocked-out teeth.
  • Dental X-rays.
  • The dentists also offer the suturing for lacerations and intra-oral cuts in emergency care.
  • Pulpectomy or root canal treatment.
  • Dental fillings.
  • Removal services for foreign bodies that might be dislodged within the gums or between the teeth.
  • Replacement of temporary crowns and lost fillings.
  • The dentists in the emergency centers provide the treatment for complications which might occur due to the previous dental procedures. These might include pain, infection, and bleeding.

What Measure Should You Take During A Dental Emergency?

The dental emergencies are very painful and severe. You need to follow these simple tips if you encounter such emergency:


The tooth pain is very severe, first, try to seek a dentist. In meanwhile, take the painkillers to relieve pain.

Broken And Chipped Teeth:

You will feel extreme pain if you experience this condition. Rinse your mouth with salt water, to remove any blood. The salt water acts as a soothing agent and relieves pain. It also prevents the patient from any infections. However, it is ideal to see your dentist. Meanwhile, if you are having severe pain then take some painkillers.

Lost Crowns and Fillings:

For lost fillings, you can buy the dental wax and place over it to protect the tooth’s nerves. For lost crowns apply the clove oil to the tooth with the cotton swab and use toothpaste with it. Use these measures until you see the dentist.