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Emergency Dental Services

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Emergency Dental Services for Erbsville Dental, Waterloo

Most dental emergencies are related to pain from a tooth or an infection somewhere in the mouth. Your mouth and teeth have many blood vessels and nerve endings that are very sensitive to changes of any kind, let alone trauma. In the event of an impact injury your first step to get help may not be a dentist. In fact, if you experience any jaw or face deformity or excessive bleeding you should first seek medical attention at a hospital emergency room.

What is a Dental Emergency?

So what constitutes a dental emergency? A tooth ache can cause severe discomfort, stop everyday activities, and disrupt sleep. This can be an emergency even if your health isn’t threatened by it. The pain can be overwhelming. However, tooth aches sometimes mascaraed as sinus infections and visa versa. Be sure to alert Erbsville Dental if you have a tooth ache that’s bothering you. Healthy tooth loss, due to an impact from sports or an accident should be treated as a dental emergency as long as other more serious health threatening injuries don’t come with it. Sometimes, if handled properly, lost teeth can be reset and saved. 

Infections Can Be Dangerous

Any situation in which you need an immediate treatment to save a tooth, stop bleeding or find relief for severe pain is a dental emergency.  Take special care if you think you have an abscess in your mouth. It could be a severe infection, and these can be life-threatening. It needs to be dealt with immediately. In these extreme cases, if you cannot reach your dentist, then you need to go to a hospital emergency room to get treatment. Don’t wait!

How Do I Contact my Dentist in an Emergency?

You can always reach Dr. Stephen Mathews at Erbsville Dental in Waterloo by calling (519) 342-1166 during office hours (Monday – Tuesday 9-5 | Wednesday – Thursday 9-8 | Friday – 9-5). During after hours, Dr. Mathews monitors a personal email Email him with subject line “EMERGENCY” and you should get a quick response. A hospital emergency room is always a good idea if you can’t get in contact and don’t have a clear picture of what’s going on. At least you can rule out dangerous situations until you can get in to see your dental professional.

Prevention is the Best Cure

You can avoid dental emergencies by practicing a few practical steps.

  • When participating in sports and rigorous activities wear a mouthguard
  • Avoid chewing substances like ice, hard candy and popcorn as they can chip or crack a tooth
  • Don’t use your teeth to cut things – they are not scissors.
  • Maintain a good oral hygiene routine.

Erbsville Dental in Waterloo is a busy clinic. However, dental emergencies take precedence and Dr. Mathews will be able to help especially if you are a client at Erbsville Dental. Come see why “Caring, Friendly, Experienced” is their tagline.