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Erbsville Dental & Cosmetic Dentistry

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Long Lasting Cosmetic Solutions

Cosmetic Dentistry at Erbsville Dental begins with a healthy mouth. To create your perfect smile, the stability of basic dental health is needed so that any cosmetic work lasts. No one hangs a picture to cover a hole in the wall, and a good dentist would never do anything similar when it comes to your teeth. When you come to Erbsville Dental you open the door to a whole range of cosmetic tools.


Dr. Mathews is an Invisalign certified dentist (Provider). This really is the advantage Invisalign has over its competitors is the dentists who monitor the progress of the custom aligners. Invisalign, clear plastic aligners adjust the position of your teeth gradually. The treatment can correct typical misalignment, overbite, underbite, crooked teeth, and overcrowding. Invisalign is a more modern orthodontic treatment.

Face Structure

Dentists and oral surgeons are not plastic surgeons and rarely is a person qualified in both fields. However, straight, white teeth offer an appearance that is aesthetically pleasing, and makes your facial structure more symmetrical. When teeth are crooked, missing, chipped or have an improper bite pattern, it can make the contour of the face appear uneven. Issues with misaligned teeth often start early in life. That is why consistent dental appointments are so important while a person is still growing. A cosmetic dentist can help remedy over and under bite and improve a protruding jawbone or sunken chin. If you missed this correction as a youngster, there are still things that can be done to enhance your facial structure. Read More “Does Cosmetic Dentistry Help Enhance Face Structure?”

The Best Matierials

A cosmetic dentist will care about the look of your smile and do everything in his or her power to make it better. In recent years materials used for fillings have changed and made it more affordable to match fillings color to that of your teeth. Not so long ago, white fillings were only used on front visible teeth and the silver ones were standard low-cost alternatives for unseen areas. Now epoxy based fillings are used everywhere and are much harder to see. A Cosmetic Dentist will always use the best products available, being a smile makeover artist, they care about how things look as much as the practical side of things. Read About “Different Filling Types Available.”

Dental Veneers

Reshaping teeth to create a straighter looking smile is in Erbsville Dentals tool bag. Tooth contouring is usually done before tooth veneers are added. A skilled dentist can flatten out some areas and add to others using epoxy-based fillers to prep your teeth for durable veneers that can last 15+ years before needing to be reworked. (Product endurance can very depending on use). Veneers can do a lot to make teeth look much better, and because they are placed one-by-one they can be done gradually. Learn more about veneers, read our blog “Dental Veneers – Cosmetic Dentistry”.

Dental Implants for Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures

A dental implant itself is a small titanium rod that replaces the root of the missing tooth. Implants can be used for single tooth replacement, they can support dental bridges, and they can be placed strategically to support a full set of teeth or dentures.

The process to install the implant requires two or three appointments spread out over several months. Your dentist will begin by removing the remains of the damaged tooth, if any are still in place. Then, he will insert the metal post into the jawbone. You will need to wait for the implant to become attached, during which time your dentist may provide you with a temporary tooth. When the bone holding the implant has healed, your dentist will attach a porcelain crown to the base. A crown is a single crafted tooth that in everyway resembles what was your original tooth.

Dental Bridge

A bridge is a fantastic way to replace lost teeth. When a missing tooth is connected with a dental bridge, the teeth on both sides of the absent one is prepped as crowns to secure the artificial tooth in place permanently. Constructed to match the size, shape, and color of your teeth, a porcelain bridge offers you a beautiful, long-lasting smile. Learn more about dental implants on our web page “Dental Implant Information.”

Waterloo Dentist - Erbsville Dental - Dental bridge
Dental Bridge


Out of all you can do to get a more beautiful smile, teeth whitening is the easiest, less evasive, and gives you big results. You get more bang for your buck too. At Erbsville Dental professional teeth whitening is a three-step process. First, a mould is made of your teeth. This is done at the end of the check up. Second, you will need to schedule a five-minute appointment so the hygienist can check the fit of the whitening trays made from the dental mould. Lastly, you use the whitening kit you are given at home including two syringes of whitening gel and the form fitting trays. Learn more about teeth whitening from post “The Whitening Experience“.

“We know how important it is for you to look and feel your best. Our approach is health first and appearance comes naturally,” with a little help from Erbsville Dental & Cosmetic Dentistry.