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The Facts About Whitening Your Teeth

Posted in cosmetic dentistry, and Dental Care

Huge Market for Whitening Products

There is little doubt that more people are starting to care about the brightness of their smile. In Canada there is a massive whitening market with thousands of whitening products from tooth paste to Amazon gismos. To effectively whiten your teeth, more needs to be done than just cleaning the surface of your teeth. Teeth stain over time and yellowing or staining is primarily concentrated below the surface of the teeth.

Not Just on the Surface

Many are unaware that our teeth have pores like our skin. When we eat and drink, food coloring (or staining agents) enters these openings and gradually stains our teeth deep down. Therefore, to remove embedded staining, teeth pores must be opened while treating the staining. This is why teeth are often sensitive after whitening treatments. During the process nerves are temporarily more exposed as well. But no worries, teeth naturally re-mineralize and re-hydrate quickly after each treatment and the pores close. Because of the brief sensitivity, some believe that whitening is harmful. What are the facts about whitening? Typical whitening products, and the process of whitening doesn’t hurt your teeth or gums.

Health First, Then Whiten

There are situations where whitening should be postponed. If you have unhealthy gums (gingivitis) or tooth decay, trying to whiten may be ineffective. Instead, fix your issues first, get treatment for your gums, repair cavities, and get your dentists thumbs up before choosing any whitening therapy. Whitening your teeth before they are healthy is like finishing the inside of a house before finishing the roof. Any progress you make can be destroyed by the first rainfall or dental storm that brews.

Toothpaste Isn’t Enough

Did you know, toothpaste alone isn’t enough to whiten your teeth, no matter how many studies prove otherwise. If you have tried a “whitening toothpaste” and have not seen results, it’s because toothpaste doesn’t open the pores of your teeth to access below the surface. Unless all the staining on your teeth is on the surface (which we discussed is not likely) even moderately abrasive toothpaste will not do much to whiten your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Your Confidence

What is it worth to you to have whiter teeth? Many look at it from the point of view of what it’s worth to feel more confident about their appearance. Finding a safe and effective way to whiten teeth is important to many. Erbsville Dental in Waterloo provides cosmetic dental services including teeth whitening. The clinics approach to dentistry is “traditional, supported by cutting edge technology.” Come back for next weeks post explaining what services Erbsville Dental offers to whiten your teeth.