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3 Secrets to Make Flossing Simpler

Posted in General Dentistry

Flossing helps teeth stay healthier but many have problems with flossing.

Reasons flossing can be tough

There are many reasons we have a hard time with flossing. Some of which are:

  • We forget
  • We do not know the proper technique
  • We use the wrong floss

If you do not know the proper technique for flossing asks your family dentistry Waterloo. The dentist or hygienist will be happy to go over how to floss properly.

3 secrets to a better floss

  1. If you are forgetting or running late on time, set an app or timer to remind you.
  2. You may find the floss doesn’t fit well between your teeth, try some of the many picks and flossing tools available on the market. Just make sure that you are getting the teeth clean with them.
  3. If you are trying to get your child to floss make it a game or provide a reward of if we floss every day for the next 21 days, we will spend the afternoon at the park or rent a movie you want. You have to participate with the child in the floss game.

Other tips

  • Choose the time of day you are going to floss and set yourself a reminder to do it.
  • If you plan to floss before bed, do so after you have eaten that last thing (usually a snack) you are eating for the day. This could also help you drop a few pounds if you say I have flossed I will not eat anything more today.
  • Be sure to use a clean section of floss for between each tooth.
  • Make sure that you floss up and down gently all the way to the gum line.

Erbsville Dental can help you determine if you are following the proper procedures when flossing.